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Connecting to Our Community

Co-operators staff and insurance advisors have been making Canadian communities safer and healthier places to live for years. Doing our part to strengthen Canadian neighbourhoods and communities means, first and […]

Three Tips to Winterize Your Home

Three quick and easy jobs you can do around the house to winterize your home. Preparing your home for a long, cold winter is something every homeowner should consider before […]

Condo Insurance

  Do I need condo insurance? If you own an apartment unit or a townhouse in a condominium complex then you need condo insurance. The Co-operators’ condominium insurance covers most […]

Farm Safety Tips

Sow the seeds of farm safety You understand that working safely with machinery, livestock and other farm hazards is not only good for business, it’s also necessary to prevent injuries […]

Tips for Buying a New Home

  It’s that time of the year again…Spring!…also known as home shopping season. Check out these tips before you buy! Considering buying a new home? When buying a new home […]