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Farm Safety Tips

Sow the seeds of farm safety You understand that working safely with machinery, livestock and other farm hazards is not only good for business, it’s also necessary to prevent injuries […]

Snowbirds: Are You Ready to “Fly”?

As winter approaches Canadian Snowbirds turn to sunny climates and at O’Reilly Insurance we want your winter getaway to be warm and worry-free.  Trips are meant to be enjoyed, but […]

Insurance for Non-Profit Organizations

Each year in Canada, 19 million volunteers generously donate enough time and labour to equal one million full-time jobs. To protect these hard workers and the organizations they support, The […]

Am I covered for water damage?

There is a common misconception that floods are covered by insurance policies. This is not true. Insurance policies only cover specific types of water damage. It is important for you […]

Managing Insurance Costs

Many aspects of your insurance costs are out of your control, but there are a number of things you should be aware of that may impact, and perhaps lower, your […]

Fire Prevention at Home

The good news is that most fires are preventable. Whether you are protecting your home, business, or farm, there are a number of easy precautions you can take.   Watch how […]