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The Co-operators and Farm Insurance

Farming is the backbone of Saskatchewan. Potash and oil are important to our economy, but when farming is down, the province is down. This is one reason it is important […]

Basics of small business insurance

Operating a small business involves a great deal of risk including somes you may not have even considered. Some risks are inevitable, while others are manageable. Insurance can help.   […]

Why do I Need Critical Illness Insurance?

Just imagine a situation where you weren’t able to work because of a serious illness, either of yourself, your spouse or your child. How would you pay your bills? It is a tough […]

Understanding Insurance Claims

Each year, home and auto claims cost more than $20 billion in Canada. What happens when you need to make a claim?   Confirm your insurance coverage If you are […]

Basics of Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance plays a big part in protecting your home. Many people just regard home insurance as paperwork that they require to have their new home, but it’s more than […]

Understanding insurance premiums

How do insurance companies set rates? Why do my premiums sometimes change? Why do different companies’ quotes differ so much? Why can’t the whole thing be more straightforward?   Premiums […]