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Insure, Protect & Build Your Business in OnePlace

OnePlace For BusinessTM is all about convenience


It allows business owners to save time and effort in purchasing the essential insurance products and financial services they need to build their business and plan for the future.


Find out how you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is fully insured with a defined succession plan in place.

What We Have to Offer


Business, owner and employee coverage designed with you in mind.


Knowing what solutions are best for each phase of your business growth can help you better understand how to protect and maintain what you’ve worked so hard to achieve. There are key insurance needs at various business stages, and it’s important to determine how well covered you are.


We understand the value of offering owners the products, services and information they need to succeed in an ever changing world. Having the right insurance and financial planning strategy in place can mitigate risk to your business and help you exceed your financial goals.


Features and Options


Commercial Insurance


You know you need commercial insurance for your business but what should you really insure, who are the insurable parties, what types of coverage are available and can it all be purchased in one simple, convenient package?


OnePlace For BusinessTM takes the guesswork out of choosing the right insurance coverage for your business. Our commercial insurance package delivers essential financial protection specific to your enterprise, along with the flexibility to customize your insurance plan further if required.


Individual Wealth and Estate Planning


Everyone knows the importance of planning for retirement as well as for the unexpected, but as a business owner you also have other things to consider. Do you have a succession plan for your business? What would happen if tragedy struck a key member of your team?


OnePlace For BusinessTM offers individual wealth and estate planning products designed specifically with business owners in mind. We can help you protect your business, your family and your lifestyle with insurance solutions customized to where you are in life and unique to your professional needs.


Group Benefits


The workplace is where your employees perform and help build your business on a daily basis. Having a solid benefits plan in place can reduce turnover and enhance employee satisfaction by showing staff you are committed to their health and well-being.


OnePlace For BusinessTM provides businesses with three or more full-time employees the opportunity to ensure staff members enjoy financial protection from expenses associated with illness, injury, hospitalization, dental and medical care, or death.


Group Retirement


Your business is growing steadily thanks to the hard work and dedication of your top employees. When you think about the future, are you doing all you can to ensure these very important people are part of the picture?


OnePlace For BusinessTM can provide your business with a high-quality retirement plan geared towards attracting and retaining valued employees. Conveniently helps employees save money for the future while reducing and deferring taxes today.


Travel Insurance


When traveling outside of your home province, territory or country, your government health care plans don’t travel with you. Don’t let expenses related to medical care on a business trip or vacation alter your schedule – or your life.


OnePlace For BusinessTM provides travel insurance designed for travellers who want the convenience of buying once and staying covered for an unlimited number of trips throughout the year within Canada and throughout the world.

And More!

Here at O’Reilly Insurance Ltd. we can address all kinds of insurance needs from personal, home, auto, commercial, farm, travel and more!


Our goal is to be the natural choice for all your insurance needs; to take care of the “what if” in life.


We pride ourselves on client care – our service goes beyond the paperwork. We are here to break down your insurance policies in understandable terms, to offer expert advice, to answer all your questions, and to be a friendly place to stop by and visit – to be your one-stop shop.


We welcome you to call, email, or stop by the office anytime to ask any questions you may have.


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