Interview with Amanda Duerr – Barrel Race

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O’Reilly Insurance Ltd. makes it one our main priorities to support the local communities and businesses in Saskatoon and surrounding area. We were offered the opportunity to sponsor and support Amanda Duerr in her profession as a barrel racer and we jumped at it. We think her profession as a barrel racer and equine therapist is so exciting and unique. We are proud to be one of her sponsors and wanted to take this opportunity to do a feature article on Amanda. We have prepared a brief interview with Amanda to learn more about her and about the profession.


The Interview

Question: Where did you grow up?

Answer: I grew up on a farm outside of Humboldt, SK. It is about an hour east of Saskatoon.

Questions: What made you interested in barrel racing?
Answer: I’ve always had a passion for horses and pushing the limits.  Barrel racing is a sport where your training has to be in place. It’s not just you, as a rider, trusting the horse that you are competing on – the horse needs to have trust in you as well.
Question: What is your favourite part about barrel racing?
pic 2Answer: I really enjoy the training side of barrel racing.  Barrel horses are bred to run and to love to run. Your horse must be in tune with you so that when its time to make a run they are paying attention to your cues and listening as well as feeling your body movements.  It really becomes a partnership between horse and rider. Each horse I’ve had the opportunity to compete on has been a little different. Some of the thrill of barrel racing comes from learning what I need to do as a trainer or jockey to help that particular horse compete at its best potential.
Question: You also offer equine therapy, tell us a bit more about this.
Answer: I am a certified Equine Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and Equine Sports Therapist. Performance Equine Therapy is the name of my business.  I have been doing it for ten years and have made studying horses, specifically race horses, and offering sports therapy my profession. I’ve been very blessed through my career to get to work with some amazing athletes across Canada and the United States. My clientele range from world champion horses to horses working on a ranch.


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Question: What else do you like to do when you are not barrel racing?
Answer: Truthfully there isn’t much time off from barrel racing. During the week is where all the work happens. Whether I’m getting young horses ready for their future career as a barrel horse or servicing my truck and trailer, there is always lots to do. When I do get the opportunity to step away from it for a bit I enjoy spending time with my family, helping other people with their horses, and I love to cast a line out and fish!




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