Snowbirds: Are You Ready to “Fly”?

Canadian snowbirds insuranceCanadian snowbirds insurance

As winter approaches Canadian Snowbirds turn to sunny climates and at O’Reilly Insurance we want your winter getaway to be warm and worry-free.  Trips are meant to be enjoyed, but if an unexpected medical emergency should arise, a financial catastrophe could result if you are not prepared.  Costs for ambulances, hospital stays, medical consultations or emergency air transport can quickly deplete your savings and take your attention away from the task of recovering.


Did you know that if you need to see a doctor in Florida, you could be handed a bill for $1,200?  An overnight stay in hospital could cost $10,000 in the U.S. These are just two examples of why you need to buy travel insurance.


Through our travel insurance carrier, TIC, we offer financial protection specifically designed for Snowbirds.  This protection is a travel insurance plan called Take Flight.


With Take Flight Canadian Snowbirds Will Receive:


  • Financial Protection that helps ensure they maintain their Snowbird lifestyle
  • Attractive benefits that cater specifically to snowbirds
  • Access to emergency medical care while on extended stays in the U.S.A., Caribbean, and other Snowbird destinations


Take Flight for Canadian Snowbirds Features and Benefits:


  • Up to $2,000,000 in emergency hospital and medical care coverage
  • No upper age limit on single trips; coverage available up to age 84 with multi-trip plans (8, 15, or 30 day options available)
  • No medical questionnaire required on single trips up to 22 days
  • Special in-Canada rates available for non-underwritten plans
  • Up to $5000 in identity fraud protection to help keep personal information secure
  • Emergency round-trip coverage that allows travellers to return home for family emergencies
  • Trip break benefit that allows travellers to return home for up to 15 consecutive days with no need to re-apply before resuming their trip


A Summary of Coverage Included in The Co-operators Take Flight for Canadian Snowbird Plans


Hospital confinement and medical services $2,000,000


Included in the overall maximum of $2 million:


Accidental Dental $2,500
Ambulance Services up to overall maximum
Attendant up to overall maximum
Chiropractor, physiotherapist $300 per profession
Cremation at place of death $3,500
Dental Emergency $300
Emergency transportation up to overall maximum
Identity Fraud Recovery $5000
Out-of-Pocket Expenses $2000
Pet Return $300
Prescription Medication up to a 30-day supply to a Maximum of $500
Return to Original Trip Destination $2000
Return of Travelling Companion up to overall maximum
Return of Vehicle $3000


Canadian seniors travel insurance



Obtaining travel insurance prior to your trip is an essential part of your planning.  Make sure you speak to someone knowledgeable about what is available.  It is important that all medical information be accurately revealed in the travel application and that there is a thorough understanding of what constitutes a pre-existing condition and the definition of stability.  We are here to help you complete your travel application and make sure the right coverage is in place before you leave.


Whenever you travel it is always recommended that you hope for the best but plan for the worst.  Enjoy your vacation.  Remember Take Flight and don’t leave home without it.

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